SmartGlobe™ Augmented Reality

Explore the world with the latest Augmented Reality technology!

Smart Globe with AR App

Below are available globes that can be activated to use the AR App


Option1: Scan below QR code to download the App.

Option2: Search "Smart Globe" in the Apple App Store or Google Play store, download and install it, then sign up and log in.


1.QR code is required to activate the "Smart Globe" App.

2.Click "Go pay" button and the activation QR code will be provided through the way of query after payment is sucessful.

Please check your globe model version again before pay.

Please use desktop or laptop to settle the payment,otherwise,you cannot scan the QR code later.

please settle the payment by PayPal if you fail to pay by credit card.

Step3:Get the Activation QR Code

Thank you for your payment! Please input your registered email address to get the activation QR code.

*You can input your email address anytime to retrieve your activation QR code if you miss it.


Step4:Apps Activation

Scan the activation QR code in apps to activate the apps.Enjoy your AR journery with our smart globel.